Survival of the Stylish

Natural Selection will soon offer a collection of eco-aware and ethical threads. Shopping Natural Selection means you’re supporting small business, buying American made merchandise, and caring for the planet. You’ll find you look loverly in our fashion-forward looks.

Natural Selection is also a blog about being fab…

James DwynnJames Dwynn believes that everything is a party and making an entrance is mandatory. James knows how to have a good time, and adds a good heaping glob of glamour on pretty much anything that can be pretty. He’d be honored to be honed a hedonist. If it takes jumping off a roof to kick up the party a notch, clear the dance floor- he’ll jump. He dresses loud and some might call him a “Don’t”. Always take what he says with a grain of glitz.

Matthew McLean

Matthew McLean is a hip lil psychward-ster whose life came to a halt when he left a top-notch university to go on a purgatory vacation for the brain in a padded room dormitory. He’ll be bloggin’ bout life as a bipolar roller. Mr. McLean is convinced there is a new form of government: The Googlement. Big Brother of today. Matt’s a cool dude, just grade A neurotic.

Evan the Bloggorist

Evan the Bloggorist is cynical, elusive, and ruthless. Evan will peruse the information super highway just to make waves. He sees the world coming to a major revolution and will help illustrate the differentiation of the Old Generation with the New. Evan has a motto: “Burn bridges and use the fire to raise hell.” Evan will stop at nothing to bring us all into the New Generation.


Kayvon Edson is a totes quirkster. He also happens to be king-a-da-crew. Captain of the SS Natural Selection. Kayvon came up with the idea for this project one day in his dorm room in Manhattan as he was procrastinating doing some Parsons School-o-Design wire sculpture or some shit. It wasn’t until he met Matthew McLean that it was called Natural Selection. Kayvon is a fashion designer first and a wannabe entrepreneur second. Kayvon knows fashion, and isn’t afraid to tell it to ya straight- even though he’s a total fag. Look out, Satorialist, here comes Kayvon, the Creator (of NatSel).


Birdman got hit with a month and a half in the slammer for “taunting and harassing a police dog”, and all he did was bark at it as he was getting evicted from his pad. During his summer locked up, he was maced and face slammed into the ground by the 5.0, had to watch his back in the shower, and made his money in the big house by walking like a bird for the other inmates’ entertainment. Birdman blogs about things bad boys n’ girls n’ queers do.

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