All Animals Exposed

Fungi-hipsters with plenty-o-money to spend on clothes become fashion dinosaurs. They’re hardly animals at all. Fashion dinos come in all different shapes n’ sizes n’ situations.  A fashion dinosaur is a common breed around fashion students/designers/moguls… But a meat-eating fashion dinosaur is the bad kind. A meat-eatin’ stinkin’ T-Rex can be those hipster biddies with mo’spenive clothes, fashion designers that make bad clothes, or dumb/rich “socialites.”

A fabo’ plant-eating fashion dinosaur is a person with good morals and good clothes (and maybe some extra dough), a fashion person with good taste, or someone that loves fashion/dresses well/mixes high end with thrifty-wifty thrift shop finds. In short, a fashion dinosaur can be a good thing or bad.

Don’t confuse a fashion dinosaur with newsters, though. A newster is a trendsetter in their own way.  Newsters can be high-end pastipsters, using second hand/old/thrift clothes in new proportions/concepts/ways to accessorize/combinations. You don’t need new clothes to be a newster; howevzies, if you dress with a futuristic edge… you’re a futurester.

Hiptestors follow the hippie strain, but are New Generation-al. Hiptestors have strong beliefs.  They dress to protest. Closely related to hippiesters (which are hip hippies), this phylum of animal likes to go to events wearing their ideals not just on their sleeve, but all over!

If one’s clothes are pushing the walls of normalcy, you’re probably an avantgardster.  Unless you’re just a tryster-avantgardster.  There’s a fine line between avant-garde and avant-stupid.

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