Avantgardster Rules

Here are five rules for dressing to turn heads.

1. Plan ahead.

Sometimes, in order to pull an avantgardster look off, I plan my outfit a week in advance.  It might take some sewing, glueing, elasticizing, gumming, and fake-uping to fully prepare a look that is worthy of shocking the less fashionable.

2. Make sure your outfit works in two dimensions, at least.

When posing for pictures in an avantgardster look, your outfit doesn’t have to be 3-D.  The front of the look is the only that matters.  Of course you can dress to impress on all parts of the body, but make sure you cover the front of you first.  If the back of the outfit is botched, it is like seeing backstage- no big deal in the New Generational internet world.

3. Make sure to arrive fashionably-right-on-time-to-be-late.

If you’re dressed avantgardster and you arrive too early, there wont be many to gawk at you when you walk through the door.  Arriving just late enough to make it look as though you’re not anywhere that you care about too much.  It’s not the destination, it’s the outfit you travel in!

4. Avantgardster does not equal costume.

Avantgardster-dom is not Halloween whenevzies you feel like it.  Dress up in real clothes and put your own spin on it.  Use your own sense of style to comment on the bizarre.

5. “Less is not more- more is more, and I like more”

A professor once told me this and I apply it to parties, outfits, and living life as an avantgardster.  Never be afraid to kick it up a notch.  As Kayvon says, “No matter what party you’re crashin’, first, take the next step with ‘ya fashion.”

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