New words for the Natural Selection Dicktionary, lil Darwinz… Here’s your new vocab words, take out your No. 2 pencils… cooltential and cooltentious.

Cooltential (Cool-ten-shal): A person or thing that has potential to be cool.

  • A person that is cool-ish-ish but needs to broaden their horizons.
  • A plan, like going to the beach at night would have cooltential- hope it doesn’t rain.
  • That film was cooltential but the ending was shittay.

Cooltentious(Cool-ten-sh-us): Pretension regarding one’s coolness. ┬áPretentious with a reason behind it.

  • “Dude, if your compycomputer is about to crash and you have 9 months of music, consolidate… I doubt you still listen to that Turkish-pop-alterna-elctro-rap-synth-elevator music from 1993. ┬áDon’t be cooltentious.”
  • Hippiesters can be cooltentious when they vomit their politics, morals, or ideals all over the place.
  • Fashion dinosaurs are often pretentious or cooltentious with their wardrobe.
  • Hipsters try to be cooltentious, but not being cool, they fall flat and are merely pretentious.

So A.D.D. those two words to your NatSel Dicktionary, make some cooltential plans for the day, but don’t be cooltentious about it.

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