Dressing Beyond The Binary

You get up, probably shower, hopefully brush your teeth, pick pieces from your wardrobe, and head out the door almost every day. This habitual set of happenings seems to be sacred everyone around the first world.  There are other ways of adorning the body, though. Tattoos tap Into the surface of the skin and surreptitiously take a mark in branding oneself. Toothpaste tingles and tastes sort of trite but, if you don’t want stinky breath you better brush-up. Accessories act as a set piece in this stage of the grand façade that is your wardrobe.

Everybody has their own system of dress yet we all came into the world the same way: naked, crying lil’ babies with little genitalia (except for the lucky ones) and big eyes.  It was then that doctors assigned us a gender based on what was hanging beneath our waistline… and for the most part, most of us follow preassigned roles based on the genitalia out we were given at birth. Seriously, though. Fuck it. If you’re a “straight” dude, why not dress like a total fag?

Just like corsets shaped the way “women” wore clothes over the years, underwear shifts the breasts and creates muffin tops, or tight-y whities scrunch the genitalia for “men”, the gender binary squeezes and pulls what people feel they can and cannot wear.  What will the future bring for the gender binary? I hope it diminishes completely or that people begin to realize that it’s much more of a cycle than the human concept of a straight line. Perhaps the gender binary is already disappearing. Why can’t it be that fags and straight people alike throw on some lipstick with their skinny jeans and flannel?

Maybe in the future boys will wear blue and big tutus and girls for wear pink and stuff cucumbers in their pants if they wanted a dick.  Perhaps the gender binary will turn into an infinity.  Maybe everyone will be gender-fluid. What if women wore pants and men wore skirts? It sure would be harder to tell who “wears the pants” in the relationships.   And isn’t that happening already?

Dress up, dress down, n’ tear down that messed up gender binary.

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