Eyebrow Accessories

You might notice on the street, or caught a glimpse of a group of ’em at a recent rock show: avantgardsters- those post-hipster, blog-age club kid-esque individuals that glue this n’ thats to their face as part of their fashion-forward persona. In an age where hipsterdom has hit the mainstream, and in a place such as NatSel where ‘hip’ might as well be a prerequisite to read any article, the avant-garde has started to seep into some reader’s style.

Eyebrow Accessories

Curly-cue mustaches are very “in the now” (if you’re a fuckin’ hipstah) but what’s the future of facial hair? Some wearers spike their jackets, others glue google-y eyes to their cheeks. Perhaps eyebrowcessories are the next big thing!

Accessorizing your brow may seem extreme while you grab your flannel and dash to the door- but why not take an extra fifteen minutes to funcessorize your face? Feelin’ glitzy? Go for the glitter eyebrow look. Feelin’ funky? Find fun stuff to adhere to your face. Feathers on the face look flirty. All it takes is a little spirit and lots of spirit gum- a special facial adhesive. If you’re on a time crunch or wanna be ballin’ on a budget, use clear nailpolish*- though don’t tell anyone you heard it from me. Get tacky with some glue- careful taking off the brow decoration, though. Always wait until the spirit gum is tacky. Perhaps a brow of pearls will look pretty or maybe you’ll look cool with confetti on your mug. Maybe miniature mirrors might mimic the glitterbrow with a shiny palate.

If you feel super committed to the controversial trend, dye your brow blue, or simply color it in with cyan to match your coat. The only limit to how and what to glue to your face is what will stay on weight-wise. Glue some stuff to your face and make for an avant-garde case.

*Natural Selection is not responsible for blindness due to acetate. Do NOT attempt.

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