Femsters and Butchsters

Break out your number 2 pencils, lil Darwins, ‘cuz it’z time for a vocabulary lesson.  Add this to your Natural Selection Dicktionary… Femster/Butchster.

Butchster (Buh-tsch-st-er)- a plant, animal, or fungi that uses “masculine” (whatever that means) clothing to present themselves to the world, despite this person’s (current, partial, or past) vagina.

Femster (Fehm-st-er)- a plant, animal, or fungi that has/kinda has/had a dick but dresses in dresses, skirts, blouses, and the like.

Butt, you don’t gotta be queer to dress beyond today’s restrictive gender rules/guides.

If you’re a newster with some women’s clothes in your closet, and your outfit is at least 60% “women’s” clothes, you’re a newster-femster for the day.  By the way, same is true for female assigned peeps that bind, pack or simply wear loosey-goosey “men’s clothes.”  Finally, no matter your gender fluidity (or lack thereof) if you dress to impress and you’re a dude in a dress, no need to feel gender dysphoria.  It’s a New Generation (duh).  Forget the Old fashion habits!  Hop on the hip train called Tranny Express and express your sexuality in a sexy way, no matter what that silly tag on your shirt says.

Men?  Women?  Unisex?  Fuck that “American” Apparel bullshit (Did you know that the CEO of “American” Apparel is actually Canadian?)!  It’s all about fem/butch/genderless.  Dov Charney, CEO/Founder of “American” Apparel is so Old Generation.  He is SUCH a RICH fungi-hipster (but does that make him a fashion dinosaur?  Is Dov a Dove or a Dino?)

When Natural Selection launches as a store, the binary will be blurred.  Femsters will not be forgotten and butchster will be beloved. As I say, “Why be the next Marc Jacobs (or Dov Charney) when you can be the next Charles Darwin?”  And as James Dwynn says, “Dress up, dress down, n’ tear down that messed up gender binary.”

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