How To Have Style For Men

A whole lotta “straight” cis-gendered men ask me, “How do guys develop style?”

Here’s my answer:

Ok, dude, FUCKIN’ REALIZE that you were once a little boy TOUCHING OTHER LITTLE BOYS in your treehouse (or whatever) and STOP the INTERNALIZED homophobia… WE ARE ALL FAGz. “Guys” shouldn’t be afraid to have style cuz they’re AFRAID to look GAY. If you think you’re wearin’ ‘girl’ pants if they’re cut skinny, you oughtta realize that the only difference with ‘menz’ and ‘womenz’ jeans is in the bust/chest, waist/abdomen, and hip/hip… not forgetting a lil’ extra crotch length for your DICK. SO BE A FAG n DRESS THE FUCK UP…

…oh, and tie it all together with a funcessory.

DON’T BE A BLANDBIE just cuz you TOUCHED another BOY BLANDBIE in middle school…

BlandbieDIsclaimer: 1 of these blandbies is now a real-live fag. Now, he’s a hipster, can ya guezz which 1?


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  1. That was HILARIOUS! Very well put man. So i’m guessing either the guy in the white shirt on the right or the gay looking guy w/ the red shirt on the left. What’s the answer?

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