How To Have Style

Sum boi once told me, “Style should appear effortless.” Butt, lookin’ like you didn’t try too hard to get dressed takes a whole lotta’ fuckin’ effort. Let’s look at a quick n’ easy way to formulate an outfit- step by step.

1. Consider Climate/Wear For The Weather.

The night before you get dressed, look up the weather to plan ahead. OR, look it up before you shower (or not- if you don’t shower, ya grimester).

2. Determine Destination.

Know what you’re doing for the day and take that journey into consideration.

3. Build Your Getup Beginning With A Single Building Block.

Ya know, outfits don’t pop out at you- ya gots ta build yir outfit. Start with ONE article of clothing/accessory that is appropriate for steps 1-2.

4. Determine Look.

Consider color, pick out pattern, think about theme, touch upon texture, play with proportion, choose to be a character, or shake it up with shock value. After choosing a building block, look to the overall “look.”

5. Accent With Accessories.

Shoes. They’re mandatory- mostly. Use shoes to tie things together or act as an accent. After that, accessorize (or not).

6. Pick Out The Rest Based On Practicality.

You got the building block- then the overall “look” by determining color/pattern/theme/proportion/texture/proportion/character/shock value. Now, after choosing shoes and accessories- complete the outfit by simply putting on clothes that go along with the overall “look.” You can’t leave the house half naked (most of the time) so pick out the rest of your outfit to simply clothe yo-self.

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