Thanks to the internet, we can see what’s up ‘round the world.  You can see what your dorky DJ friend is listening to in Denmark, then download it if you dig it.  Maybe one might find a friend frolicking through fields on Facebook.  Perhaps people you know are playing games from beyond their time zones.  Bloggers bitch and whine and blog their ideas while they wine and dine.  Clothing from high end to homemade is available to anyone willing to cough up the dough if they dig the threads.

We are now all one web-o-sphere on this once-divided chunk of land and ocean… trying to find what we like.  Clothing captures this idea of internet-ification.  We appropriate different styles and trends into our own wardrobe willingly or subconsciously.  Clothes cause us to carry ourselves differently, depending on the occasion.  Knowing that the ultimate melting pot is the internet, know that you should always dress to impress.

You never know if you’ll be in the background of an Instagram, or the subject of a quick pic if you’re dressed outrageously.  Maybe one day you’ll run into a fashion blogger but fashionlessly broke the biggest rule and left your house in PJs.  Opportunity missed.   Since our culture is globalized, get on Google and google yourself- you never know what your gonna find.  It may be flattering.  It could be incriminating.

Every culture is filled with subcultures and counter-cultures alike.  Each sub- or counter-culture has limitless societies.  Even those that try to avoid association with a group or society fail in their attempts to be separatist.  There’s most likely a separatist that believes what you believe- making y’all separatists together- unless you’re a hermit with no computer, handheld device, tablet, phone, email, or the like.  It’s silly to say you’re an individual when all you know is a result of what others have shown you, or what you’ve found on the internet-ified world.

So, check your Facecrack.  Enjoy Intagram.  Search Spotify.  Do what you will to make yourself you, but know that whatever you’re doing, we are all one to the Googlement and a pawn in the globalized world.

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