Kayvon Is A Bag Fag

Natural Selection will not sell animal products… That said, check out these handbags, clutches, wristlets, and/or purses (whatevz u wanna call ’em) that I pumped out when I was feelin’ sew inclined.

If you wanna buy one to support the efforts of a young artist, you can contact us or wait until NatSel $tore opens.

Again, no leather at this establishment- butt, can a cisgendered gal resist?

Big ring for your wrist, inspired by Birdman’s tales of life behind bars.

Works as a clutch OR a wristlet.

Disclaimer: no zebras were killed in the making of this bag- only cows died to look like zebra.

Over-sized stud

Real Snakeskin Ruffle (sry @deadsnake)

Love for studs

OK, enough of being a crazy bag faggot… More bragging to cum, hope you like muh style, lil’ Darwinz.

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