Mr. McLean’s Montage

I’m Matt McLean.  Doctors say that I have Bipolar Disorder.  I like to say that I’m PanPolar.  I’m either hyper from not sleeping for three days or passed out on my floor because my bed is too full of shit from all the crap I’ve accumulated from my three-day, sleepless art binge.  I need a lotta fuckin’ meds to keep me functioning like a somewhat normal person.

When I was coming out of high school in 2007, I felt like I could take over the city.  New York CIty.  Two weeks into my first semester of college, I became manic.  When I came out of a psychiatric hospital I felt as though a Mack truck hit me.

But, I keep on truckin’.

Some people have called me brilliant, I just say that I’m fully aware of myself.

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