Notez From A Psych Wardster Pt. 10

Day 7, Hospitalization #4:

“7am: Good evening, worked on bulletin board, needy… Slept 5.5 hours.

3pm: Good response to care, increase to level 2 (ability to go off unit for walks) and full hall [privileges].  Moved from room 257 from quiet room.  Had 1:1 to paint in arts and crafts room.

11pm: Improved response to care.  Patient has been pleasant and cooperative- spent time working on his mural. Patient expressed frustration with [confusion of] his style preferences with symptoms of mania.”

From Psychiatric Services Record:

Wearing a… wig, and red magic marker smeared on lips and face, bandana, skirt, drawings covering arms, carrying a journal.  Increase irritable.  Thought content: “No one’s being oppressive, so why not be free.”  Demanding “p.r.n.s of Ativan” No suicidal or homicidal ideations.  Grandiose but with delusions elated.  

From Nursing Assessment Flowsheet:

“I slept awesome”  Self-care activities: Wearing excessive makeup lip stick and glitter on eyes, showers good make-up put on with Sharpie marker… Thought process: denies audio/visual hallucinations, when asked about makeup stated “I am an artist”  Has drawing on arm regarding… Google… Affect/mood: Labels mood hypomanic… Impulsive at times, upset about asked about makeup.  Learning Needs: Illness education.

I wanna get more into what I call semi-drag/mini protesting while bending gender.  I’ve been practicing here [in the psych ward]- it’s fun.  Every time I wear “women’s” clothes, unless it’s something like a zany T shirt, I try to send out some sort of message.

Today, I wore [Kayvon’s] homemade American flag dress tucked into my jean shorts.  I put on my leather fringe jacket and wore a fringe pocketbook as an accessory.  Of course I wore a short wig with an American flag headband.  I threw on my white and blue American Apparel sunglasses.  Today was a butch drag day.

At night, I  pastel-ed my face into Satan, and wore my “Booty Patrol” sleeveless T to to bed, illustrating that homosexuality ≠ worshiping the Devil.

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