Notez From A Psych Wardster Pt. 11

Day 8, Hospitalization #4:

“2:30pm: Continues to be hypomanic overall lacks insight into his illness and need for treatment.  Wants discharge Thursday, refuses to retract 3-Day notice.  Did… exessive makeup… Was working on craft project in afternoon.  Good controls overall…

9pm: Continues to maintain good behavioral controls and work on craft project for part of shift.  Arrived at the med window with face painted a devil…”

From Psychiatric Services Record:

“Delusions: Google and the CIA are working together… Speech: At times mumbles, at times loud and alert…Insight/Judgement: Poor.”

If any lil Darwin readers are tyrin’ to become Dr.z then you should actually listen to your patients.  It’s not a delusion that the CIA and Google are in bed… butt, it is a delusion that I thought Google was inside of me.

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