Notez From A Psych Wardster Pt. 12

Day 9, Hospitalization #4:

“7am: Confused about legal status, good behavioral controls… face painted like the devil,… med compliant, poor sleep because of loud female patient at night, ran to piano and played it loudly…

10am: Rounds: court date pushed to next Thursday, med changes…

1:40pm: Patient frustrated at start of shift because he was supposed to go to court but the date was changed to next week.  Patient was wearing sport coat, tie, sunglasses in anticipation of court.  Became agitated/angry in rounds, upset about court date- stormed out of room, slammed door stating, “Google or Screw-gle me.”  Patient continued to be agitated- went back to room, colored face with red marker which scared other patients, tied American flag to foot.  Patient told of inappropriateness of outfit and ultimately took shower and dressed more appropriately…

6pm:  Patient was alert and oriented.  Was restless and mood was liable.  Affect was bright but changed to flat.  Drew with red marker on back of hands stating it was “a representation of stigmata.”  Stated he dressed with American flag on foot as “wounded soldier” to “symbolize the silencing of my first amendment right.”  Volunteered his notebooks to view.  Is hyper-graphic and displays repetetious themes on homosexuality, environmentalism, politics, and fashion.  Believes “government controls the weather” using [radio] signals.  Denies suicidal intent or intent to harm others.  Believes people here are “brainwashed” but that he is “controlled by his own thoughts.”  At patient’s request, nurse authorized use of arts supplies with supervision.  Was open and lucid during activity.  States he likes any group he can talk about himself.  Spoke briefly about family when prompted.  States his parents are fine with homosexuality but not “okay” with him “being drag.”  Was very pleasant and appreciative of the writer’s help.”

Wounded Soldier Outfit:

High-waisted scrub pants, loose tie with shirt half out, American flag on foot, stigmata marks on medical tape, bleeding temple, bloody nose via red Sharpie, wayfarer glasses, bleeding wrists.

This was a selfish hiptest.

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