Notez From A Psych Wardster Pt. 4

“On admission, the patient was disorganized and delusional, preoccupied with numbers and thoughts of controlling people…He also continued to intermittently threaten suicide and engage in self-harm; for example, banging his head against the wall, requiring locked door seclusion, and eventually four-point restraints…

The patient continued to demonstrate extreme mood liability, volatility, disorganization, hypersexuality, and loud, pressured speech with frequent threats of suicide if not discharged.  Despite p.r.n.’s of Haldol and Ativan, the patient did not appear calmer and was treated with Thorazine, this was made available as a p.r.n. medication… The patient remained impulsive, irritable, with frequent outbursts of anger and poor boundaries.  However, he did accept Thorazine 25 mg orally on three occasions, and did not require physical restraints for safety to others.  He was somewhat more redirectable back to his room and restrictred area of the unit.  He remained hypersexual and provocative… He also demonstrated poor impulse control, including kicking over a chair, throwing his dinner against the wall (stating “It’s an art project!”), and hypersexuality, including kissing [and near intercourse with] another male patient… he continued to express ideas about “bionumerology” and reported that it could explain evolution and “predict human behavior.” 

…The treatment team filed for commitment for further treatment of severe mania.”

The straight line is the most human invention.  There aren’t many things in nature that resemble  the linear concept we’ve developed.  Even the flattest valleys curve with the earth’s cyclical shape.

Our society is merely a product of our evolution and acclimation.  Nature is more like jail, whereas society is more like a swanky psych ward.

Anyhooha, you’re a fag.  If ya got a dick, wrap yourself to a cutie with one too.  See what happens after awhile.  Wrestle with no clothes on, maybe.  Unless you’re purposely distracting yourself- you and your mate will get a stiffy- the twin towers will rise again (too soon?).

What I’m trying to say is our society’s concept of “man” and “woman” is more cyclical than a straight line.

That said, I like peeps with peens, mostly.  Butt when I see a cutie with a va-jay-jay and they are more butch- I like what I see I just wouldn’t know how to plug it in.

Writing this, there sure is some tower construction goin’ on.

Peace out, I’m gonna go rub one out in the closet so when’s they’s cum bi with a flashlight to make sure you’re alive in your bed I dun’ get caught beatin’ my meat.

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