Notez From A Psych Wardster Pt. 5

“Chief complaint on presentation… is “I don’t know.”

He was brought by an ambulance after [he] called 911 as the patient was acting more impulsive and erratic… On the exam in the CEC, the patient was yelling and quite out of control.  At times, the content of his yells included “Kill Sarah Palin!”, “marijuana should be legal”, and “orange juice!”  The patient then tied a towel around his forehead and would pull his shirt up numerous times at staff…

Inventory of Assets: Bright/Articulate, social/family support…

Global level of functioning 25…

He will placed on 15-minute checks, sharps supervision and hall restriction.

He says, “Being famous on the internet is hard work.”

The patient expressed numerous delusions about [celebrities], his fame, the internet, etc… [The patient is] dressed flamboyantly wearing reflective sunglasses, earrings in each ear, a babydoll sewn dress out of the American flag, a wig, cowboy boots, and with a[n inverted] cross drawn on his forehead in magic marker.  He is fairly cooperative with the interview.  His eye contact is intermittent as he is often wearing his sunglasses and looking elsewhere.  His behavior is nonthreatening.  His speech is fluent with an appropriate rate and tone.  He is occasionally sarcastic.  Mood is “amazing.”  Affect is expansive and somewhat irritable.  Thought process is linear, but frequently scattered as the patient becomes distracted while answering questions.”

An average day in the bin:

Wakeup.  Meds. Breakfast.  Sleep more.  Lunch.  “Groups”.  Pace.  Dinner.  Meds.  Float from chair to chair.  TV. Sleep.

What’s going through your mind is far less boring.

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