Notez From A Psych Wardster Pt. 6

Day 1, Hospitalization #4:

“7am: Report new admit, 22 yo SWM, manic… grandiose… about Google, dressed inappropriately up at 5:30 am dancing naked, offered Ativan and took it, refused to put clothes on, put on locked door seclusion- kept banging door until put in 4-point restraints for half hour.

7:30am: Woke~7:20am [increased agitation] yelling at… person, raised his fist, unsteady on his feet, yelling.

7:15pm: Continue agitated but redirectable.  Had urinated on floor.  Given assistance with shower.

11:45pm: Patient in quiet room, currently asleep.

Day 2, Hospitalization #4:

1:15 am: Patient awake, ran out of room singing loudly, was redirectable back to room.  Accepted a p.r.n. or Ativan 2mg at this time, went back to bed.

4:30am: Patient awake, sat in chair outside his room, given Seroquil 50 mg.  Then patient stood up and yelled at writer, “What fucking meds did you give me?”.  Patient was redirected to lower his voice, apologized to writer then went to void in the bathroom.  Patient returned to bed with encouragement though continued to yell out intermittently until he settled down.

5:45am: Patient out of bed, requested some water then threw it on the floor yelling, “This isn’t faggot juice, give me some fucking faggot juice.”  Patient was redirected, then given some orange juice 4oz and accepted a p.r.n. or Ativan 1mg.  He proceeded to run down the hallway, agitated, banging loudly on nursing station window.  Redirected to walk back to his room, walked into other patient’s rooms, yelling and screaming, not responding to redirection, was placed in locked door seclusion… for containment.

8:15am: …again easily agitated… making several requests then yelling “pancakes pancakes… get them now stupid”… Patient then took off all of his clothes and made inappropriate sexual comments to staff.  He then bent over a table with his buttocks toward staff…

8:30pm: Slept from 6-8:30pm then woke, some episodic screaming, asking for his “Santa hat,” his boots, and [an] American flag dress to be unzipped.  Kicked over a trash can in lounge, redirected to quiet room.  Requires constant monitoring.

9:45pm: Pressured, demanding new pants and “My business plan!!” Given pants from clothing closet.

11:50pm: Patient awake, spilled water on the floor, singing loudly in his room, accepted a p.r.n. of Ativan 2mg, continued to pace in and out of his room, needing increased redirection, yelling at staff, then settled down.”

I wish I could deny some of this.  I wish I could take this back.  The truth is that once you are having a hard time psychologically, you go into a hospital, the fun part’s over, and you get (temporarily) worse than you were before.

Sure, pissing on the floor and demanding “faggot juice” might seem odd, but in the moment it’s so clear.

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