Notez From A Psych Wardster Pt. 7

Day 3, Hospitalization #4:

“2:30am: Patient awake, increased energy, yelling… grabbed belongings, and ran… stating, “I need to do my laundry”… [given p.r.n.]

3:00am: Patient remains agitated…[put into locked door seclusion]

3:30am: Patient remains agitated, kicking door and yelling, unable to settle down…

4:00am: Patient less agitated, remains awake, mumbling to himself in bed, locked door seclusion continued…

4:15am: Patient appears to be calm and sleeping, locked door seclusion discontinued.

4:55am: Patient awake, out of bed, voided in bathroom, started yelling, redirected, demanding, “Get me a fuckin’ juice!”  Given 8oz of orange juice, patient accepted a p.r.n. of Ativan 1mg for anxiety.

5:15am: Patient given a snack, tried to watch TV in… living room, but couldn’t sit still.

6am: Patient slept 1hr45min the whole shift, continues with increased energy, impulsive, needing increased redirection to keep his clothes on, remains monitored every 5 minutes…

11am: Patient ran down hall… He then lay down on the floor, started crawling, and licking the floor…

3pm: Napped on and off during the day.

10pm: Appears sedated, drooling, mumbling, eyes half closed, but has brief periods of high energy.”

I think it’s silly that most ‘people’ in ‘society’ go to bed for 5-9 hours a night…

Did you know that most other mammals are nocturnal?

It’s funny how my thoughts aren’t considered when the “progress notes” are written.  If they asked why I was being such a crazy asshole I would have said that I thought I was famous on the internet, as a supernatural Google cyborg prophet to the New Generation.  Instead, I am a “patient” and they shove p.r.n.s down my throat, lock the door to my room, or tie me to my bed…  Just the facts- just the actions are recorded.  At this point in my hospitalization, I don’t recall much.  It’s those shady first few days when you’re unzipping your pants in protest or licking the floor in spite that are lumps in your memory only to be unclouded when you go back to the  Padded Room Dormitory to get the overpriced records that hold your most vulnerable stories.

Why am I putting this shit on the internet?  I’m no blank canvas.  People who know me know that I’m probably as fucked as they come.  I just want to be immortal through my words.  No part of my story is to be left untold.  Here I am- showing the world what it means to be bipolar 1.

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