Notez From J@1L Pt. 11

H0wdy k1dz! Another exciting event in d@ B1G HOUZ3 to blog about for my second to l@$t post in my “Notez from J@1L” seriez.

Today w@z a pretty average S@turd@y in J@1L. El Rose Ponts n’ Megz came to vizit.

Cardz were played (which goez w/out sayin). Sh1t1e me@lz were e@ten.

Tonight, however, w@z a different story. At @bout 1:30 am we h@d @ “shakedown”.

@$ I w@$ pouring some KOOL-@1D M1X into a pl@$tic, re-u$ed bottle for a p@l (J-Lo, fattest guy in jail charged [innocent of beating his infant]),@ court officer stormed into the room @nd s@1d $omething lyke, “Okay!  Everyone don’t move or touch anything. Line up single-file again$t the wall in the hallway.”

@fter lining up, 1 discovered it w@$ a “shakedown”- the court officerz were in d@ process of tearing $H1T apart and removing contraband.

This includes, but is not limited to:

-Kool-@1D with rotting fruitz (make$hift wine)

-extra blanketz to make “fortz” out of d@ bunk$ (e-z-er to jack off)

-cro$$ necklace$ made out of towel fiberz

-half-naked picturez of women from magazinez used to decorate inmate’z lockerz.

in d@ h@llw@y, while some court officerz were removing contraband/ tearing the room apart reckle$$ly, otherz were patting u$ down (fri$king) and letting u$ back in d@ room.

I’m mostly a good J@1L boy. Nothing major of mine was “shaken-down”, except for an extra sheet.

No big losses on my part.  Alzo, 1 never made my bed according to Mexico, my main man, “the cops probably saw your mess of a bed and thought they already shook it down.”

One mo’ d@y in d@ B1G HOUZ3, HOP3-fULLY-I-FULLY-HOP3.

1F @ll goez to pl@n, I’ll see some of y@ very soon!

Peace n’ love, lil Darwinz…

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