Notez From J@1L Pt. 12

Hey y’@ll!

I waz a little/Huge bit scared/worried about my court d@t3 this AM!

Didn’t rele know what w@$ gonn@ h@ppen.

I A$$UM3D I’D PROBABLY go home today. I hoped-fully.

I WA$ MAJORLY scared that my fate w@z in d@ handz of one guy-d@ judge.  “If I [didn’t] get out,” I told El, “I’ll ju$t ‘hang it’ up!”

All dat said, kidz, I gotz good newz n’ bad newz:

Bad newz: At lea$t two mo’ week$ in da b1G HOUZ3.

Good newz: More Ramen soups!

Anyhooha, sans @ll d@ leg@l jargin I’ll letchya know what happened today.  Don’t wanna include @ll The court-speak $0’s y’all$ don’t f@ll a$leep n’ hurt yo’z headz on yir laptopz-but here’s what went down:

My lawyer lady Lauren thought I’d probz get out, but there  w@z @ different judge in d@ courtroom.

‘Cuz I’m b-ing “held without bail” only the judge that “held” my bail w@z leg@lly the only judge @ble t0 re-instate it.  A real live @$$hole judge t00k my c@se. He argued to “not have the power” to give the option of bail back to me.

B@sically, I had to w@it for the judge that incarcer@ted me to get back from his VACATION.

$0 here I am. Bloggin’ from J@1L… Waiting for the original judge to get back from vaca or whatevz. Ain’t d@t fucked up?

The American judicial system h@$ made a victim out of mee.

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