Notez From J@1L pt. 13

Hey Birdman,

As a child I was content – wait, that’s a different story, sorry.

So, a lot’s been happening, huh? I’m glad you have such fond memories of me, even though I never let you give me head! ; ) I bought some phone cards to and tried to call down to Carmen in Mexico, but no one ever answers. That would be sweet if you could send me those pix-that’s all I have of her anymore.

Why did you drop out of school and enroll in another? Are you looking for business classes for course requirements or to start your own business? It’s cool that you’re getting along with your folks. Now if you could start spinning on cops, maybe even stay out of jail! What did you need bones for in Birdman? I don’t remember that scene. Did els get nekkid?!?

That’s cool of els has a BF, but I was bummed I never got the surprise that she said was on the way (over the phone). I always thought that I’d have more luck with writing to Lauren, but I guess neither of them really wanted to write to me.

Ricky Jackson got 15 years in state prison. Rizzo’s still firing lawyers to stay here longer. As far as my freedom goes, my Superior Court got dismissed so I should be out of here within the next couple months. I’m not sure yet if I want to get out on probation now, or go to Billerica for 6 -12 months with no probation. Not having a definite place to crash makes it scary to just hit the street. Send me your # so I can call you if I get out soon. I mean it’s all up to me – I can get out this week if I give my employer the okay to take a deal, but I’ll know what to do (???)



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