Notez From J@1L Pt. 7

Swine Flu epidemic @t Cambridge J@1L .PANIC! Paranoia! Riots! Oh, My!

L@st night, nine people with Swine Flu were moved from their unit to solitary confinement,
which happenz to be about 20 feet from my bed.

Court officers were wearing medical masks when in the unit with the infected.
Inmates avoided direct contact. Lotsa’ latex gloves were involved.

Today, the epidemic alarm went off. The building was supposedly under quarantine.
Visits were cancelled. Power was turned off for a few moments and emergency lights went on.

Units downstairs were uneasy about how the j@1L waz dealing the outbreak.
Riots broke out. Fires were started..Smoke filled the hallways.

Supposedly, the news came, MBTA buses were downstairs ready to mass transport troublesome inmates that rioted.
Panic ensued.

$O, lil Darwinz, not sure if i’m gonna make it out of dis FUK3D UP PL@C3 ALIV3.

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