Notez From J@1L Pt. 9

I have g@ng connectz now- not that I am in a gang, nor ever will go through the intense initiation process that allows one to be a literal gangsta’, though it’s a process to which I am now aware. Durin’ my time in Cambridge Middlesex County Jail, I’ve aquatinted myself with, not only gang members (not saying which gang(z)- nor will I discuss how many points said gang’z star(s) have) crooks, junkies, dealers, armed robbers, kidnappers [though the term is used lightly], accessories to murders, and sex criminals: “skinners”, as they’re called.  N’ much, much more!

…Like Rizzo, my good pal who discovered a man “balls deep” in his wife and allegedly  (every1=innocent ’til proven guilty) became so furious that he punched hiz wife’z eye OUT of it’s socket, to the point where it dangled freely from nerves and blood vessels.  Let’z not bring up what he did to the paramour, so’s ya don’t faint and/or puke on yir laptops, cauzing them sum damage…

…Like Charlie, though his mood depends on his daily blood sugar levels, the mostly kind older man accused of enticing a minor, who has had other child-realted sex offenses.

…Like Jackson, the man who is ‘upstate’ in PRISON (there IS a DIFFERENCE btwn PRISON and J@1L, kidz… be aware of this) for 15 years, who was always fond of me.

…Like Joey, a real sexy guy in PC that held sum ppl up @t gunpoint…  All he rele needz r hiz biceps, though- those gunz r stong e-nuff.  Butt that’s beside d@ point.  Won’t  get 2 G@Y on ya tho.

… Just 2 n@me a few.

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