Plant, Animal, or Fungus?

What is a tryster?  A tryster is a fungus that tries to be hipster-y.  Often, nowies TRY to be hipsters, making them trysters.  Sometimes a plant or fungi poses as an avantgardster to go see a show.  That would make them trysters.  Scenesters are trysters by default because the nature of a scenester is trying to be hipster but stuck in the Old Generation.

Is the following chick a plant, animal, or fungus?

Check out this plant, animal, or fungi’s “cool” fisheye pics.  Is fisheye Old Generation or New?  Is she a nowie?  A tryster?  A plant?  Hint:  She ain’t no animal.

Looks like a hippie stuck in the Old Generation in this fisheye pic.

Baseball caps and bandanas ’round the neck are a fashion faux pas to the max.  So are granola-crunchy-munchy necklaces.

Remember:  your crew is your most important accessory.

So is this person a plant or FUNGI?

She’s a fungi-thenbie-wannabe-hippie that is a TRYSTER hipster.  She’s an ewie to the max.

Hope you enjoyed this round of Plant, Animal, or Fungus… I’m your host: James Dwynn.

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