Plant, Animal, Or Fungus?

Hey there boyz, girlz, n’ or queerz…

In store for ya today is a fabulous game of plant, animal, or fungus!

I’ll give you hints as to what branch of the Phylogeny of Fashion the following person belongs.  By the time the game is over, you oughtta know what kinda person the contestant is.  True Lil Darwinz will be able to figure this one out real quick.

This persons comes off as calm, cool, and collected…

He says he “took inspiration from the yin and the yang,” though he once told Kayvon… “If I saw a panda bear walking down a street I’d be like, ‘damn- I could make one fine fur coat outta you’.”  That’s not very zen- is it?

According to his linkden,

“I’m an accessories designer who attended Parson’s the New School for Design who specializes in exotic skins and fur. I have experience working with factories and tanneries here in New York, Italy and Asia. I enjoy working on all aspects and stages of the design process from research and inspiration to pattern making and final execution. I’m a team player and problem solver with strong leadership skills who is dedicated to company growth and productivity. I’m always open to positive and constructive criticism, detail oriented, organized and always go the extra mile to meet deadlines and achieve overall satisfaction.”

This is a meat-eating fashion dinosaur-  the bad kind that make bad clothes and have bad style, kidz.


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