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Always plan your outfit the night before, or at least before you shower for the day (or an hour before you dress if you don’t shower, you grimester).  Plan everything down to socks and underpants.  Why?  What if you’re getting … Continue reading

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New words for the Natural Selection Dicktionary, lil Darwinz… Here’s your new vocab words, take out your No. 2 pencils… cooltential and cooltentious. Cooltential (Cool-ten-shal): A person or thing that has potential to be cool. A person that is cool-ish-ish … Continue reading

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Dicktionary of NatSel

Confused bi the language we here at Natural Selection use?  Why don’t we grab the NatSel Dicktionary and I’ll explain. Here at Natural Selection, we’ve developed our own language and way of describing style.  It’s a New Generation!  Forget about … Continue reading

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#Occupy The Internet

Look at these two hipsters protesting at the #Occupy Wall Street rally.  Do they realize that they’re flagging for oral and anal sex?  Did you know that bandanas mean different things to the gay community? I doubt that these hipsters-wannabe-hiptestors-looking-like-hippiesters … Continue reading

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