The Art Of Holding A Cigarette

Cigarettes make the perfect accessory to any outfit.  Some say they’ve already found/are finding a cure for cancer, so smoke up!  If you’re a smoker, don’t let it shame you- just make it fabulous!  Here’s a guide to smoking a cigarette each and every way…

If you’re feeling fab, smoke your cig between your middle and ring finger, and hold everything with the opposite hand VERY gently as if what you touch is made of feathers.

If you’re in a badass mood, hold your cig between your thumb and index finger, and avoid smiling.  I call this the LA Look.

If casual is the look of the day, hold your cancer stick between your index and middle fingers.

Going for a whacky look?  Smoke your ciggy between your thumb and ring finger.

Feelin’ extra elegant?  Maybe the ol’ cigarette will look couture between your pinky and your ring finger…

No need to be embarrassed about your habit.  Cigarettes go with any combo o’ clothes, except a fireman’s outfit… or firedyke’s outfit.

Never try to french inhale when there’s too much wind, and if you are talented in the smoke ring department, do it only sometimes or you’ll look like the caterpillar from Alice.

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