Unibrows Are The New Mustaches

Mustaches are sooo tryster faux-New Generation!  Especially curly-cue mustaches.  What’s the deal with nowies wearing mustaches and making duck faces in poorly edited Facebook pics?

What’s the deal with hipsters having curly-cue mustaches for realziez?

Mustaches are soo DONE- over n’ out!  It’s all about unibrows… I remember in 2007 when people were talking about how staches would soon hit the scene as a trendy staple.  I promise: the next big thing is the unibrow.  Anwayzies, I think if you have a curly-cue stache, you are deff a fungi-hipster.

If you have a naturally occurring unibrow, you’re probably a hippiester, if you have style, or an Old Generation blandbie.  Embrace your extra facial hair!  I’ll understand if you haven’t shaven or plucked in awhile, and you wanna add a subtle stache to your ensemble.  But enough with the late teens-twenties-ealy thirties people sporting this tired old trend.  Let’s leave the curly-cue stache in the Old Generation where it belongs.

The future of facial hair is something that hasn’t been done.  Look @ Frida Kahlo… smokin’!

According to the Natural Selection of Style, if style is evolving, new traits are being introduced to our style genome.  It’s population control… like leggings, once a new item becomes a staple it goes out of style slowly thereafter.  So let’s combine our two brows into one and redefine what it means to look good.

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