Hey, Lil Darwinz.  I need help!  I’m going to a meeting with other entrepreneurs and maybz even some venture capitalists (news about that to come) and I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!

Should I dress quirkster?

Should I make a grand entrance in something totes avantgardster?

Should I be biz casual?

Should I be underdressed?

Should I wear the laptop hat?

Should I wear a vest, mask, fannypack, and bracelet made out of cigarette packs?

Should I dress up like an escaped mental patient?


Leave your advice in the comment field below, Lil Darwin… I NEED YO’z OPINIONS!

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4 Responses to #WardrobeProblems

  1. anon says:

    biz casual! i love your floral blazer, it’s the best

  2. anonymous lil darwin says:

    quirkster/biz cas hybrid child

  3. Kayvon says:

    thanks, guyz/gals/and or queerz…

  4. axel says:

    quirkster with blazer!!!

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