What Does Being A Newster Mean For Summer?

Newsters are an animal in the Phylogeny of Fashion that dress fashion-forward according to the New Generation.  Their style can be crafty, shiny, future-y (which would make that person a futurester)- anything that makes the person’s style new.  Newsters are similar to avantgardsters in that they stand out, but are different because they wouldn’t glue shit to their face (or whatevs).

How would a newster dress during a fun summertime activity?

Swimming would be a good time to break out the newster’s super short swim shorts, if they gotta dick- or anything else if they don’t.

For arts and crafts, something crafty.

Going to a concert, the nowster oughtta wear something a lil outrage-y-wage-y… But not always avantgardster.

Goin’ yard sale-ing would be a perfect time to wear a silly hat.

Mini golfing makes for a wonderful time to wear all white.  In a new, interesting way of course.

Zoo-going would have cooltential if you wore a button-down with a print that had lotsa animals on it (but be careful not to look too appropriating).

So, Lil Darwins, make some cooltential plans for the summer and new it up.

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