Worship Celebrity

Christianity’s a fallacy
Vanity’s our prophecy
Worship celebrity
World devoid of lord…
Shepherd or warlord?
Worship celebrity
Holy is inequity
World devoid of lord

Internet Jesus

Dear Jesus Christ,
I’m the antichrist
Here is my word
To the lord:
Satan, I pray
My agenda’s gay
The world’s at stake
Chosen by mistake

Jesus died for our sin
You’d need some thick skin
To take such a place
Yet it seems in this case
I’ve been sent from above
To replace evil with love
Follow me and you’ll see
Worship celebrity

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6 Responses to Worship Celebrity

  1. James Dwynn says:

    Photog Cred: Beht Krevat

  2. Kayvon says:

    Yeah, Monsieur McLean, all those psych meds can do that.

  3. Evan The Bloggorist says:

    @Matt McLean You sound like a fuckin’ nowie…

  4. Birdman says:

    d00d u could’a got arrested 4 d@t

  5. neal says:

    I admire your dedication to imagery

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